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The Rock Way of Life

Rock's Custom Tailor specializes in custom made business clothing including suits, shirts, slacks, sport jackets, top coats and tuxedos.

Our founder and Master Tailor, Mr. R.M. Rock, takes a very traditional approach to custom made suits, shirts, slacks, sport jackets, top coats and tuxedos. He has been in the tailoring industry for over 50 years and has been suiting up America's corporate elite for over 40 of those years. It's no wonder the students at Harvard refer to him as A Harvard Business School Tradition.
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  • A custom fit suit, without even leaving your chair.
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  • RockTailor In-Person Custom Suit Tailoring Across the Country.
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    Get the exclusive opportunity to meet the Rock Tailor team in person and get a personal, precise, and amazing custom-fit during his cross-country tours! These meetings and events are highly coveted so be sure to check out the schedule and mark your calendars!